Irina Marchuk

Clothes designer

The Fashion House of Irina Marchuk

Irina Marchuk is a famous Ukrainian designer of exclusive clothes and shoes, the owner of the fashion house «Irina Marchuk» with the show rooms in Kyiv and Moscow. People of different continents from America to Australia choose her clothes, and the delivery makes it easy to get the desired dress fast and on time.

The brand was founded in 2014 with the aim to create beautiful exclusive garbs for ladies, which would emphasize the individuality of the client.

Clothes by Irina Marchuk are exquisite dresses made from unique materials brought from all over the world in an exclusive format.

Irina also owns her own fabric production in India, which allows her to create not only outfits with an individual cut, but also a unique pattern on the fabric, which makes her clothes a real masterpiece. Each dress is only made in individual variant, the same of which cannot be found in the whole world.

Dresses by Irina Marchuk present our country on different international fashion weeks and beauty contests, likewise Missis Universe and MRS World.

Her looks are popular among Ukrainian and foreign celebrities. Designer always creates unusual costumes for the shows of the top stars: Dasha Astafyeva, Kamalia Zahur, Nikolay Baskov, Irina Fedyshyn, band «Armiya» and many others.

Brand «Irina Marchuk» is invited to take part in the biggest fashion weeks around the world. So the show on October 10 in 2018 on the main podium of Hollywood, LA Fashion Week in Los Angeles at the Petersen Automotive Museum called “Precious Stones” won enthusiastic reviews from fashion critics and the US press. The show featured 15 designer outfits, complemented by shoes, each of which symbolized a certain gem, whose radiance gave the dress a special sheen, creating unique mood for each girl.

The show surprised stylists so much that immediately after it Irina received an offer from designer Michael Jackson, Keith Holman, to jointly create the world’s most expensive dress.

Irina’s show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the «Wow Show» in 2017 also left a positive impression on buyers from the Middle East, which allowed Irina to develop a logistics system in this region.

Irina Marchuk does not just make up models – she controls all the stages of creating a dress on her own, chooses fabric.
The result of her work can be easily seen.

In addition to her active work as a designer and organization of her own fashion house, Irina Marchuk also finds time for social activity. For her public work, she received the award «Man of the Year 2016» in the nomination «New Generation of the Year», was awarded the Order of Valor, the award «Golden Mark of Quality of Goods and Services, 2017», the award «Great Ukraine», 2017, the award «Woman III Millennium», 2017, and in 2018 the British Assembly in London awarded the brand the European Quality Awards for the highest quality of the clothes and shoes it creates.

The brand «Irina Marchuk» is not only European quality but also international recognition.

Kiev, Zankovetskoy str., 6
office №35

+38 (066) 886-14-14 | +38 (099) 481-20-90